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Agri Owl 200 Training in UAE

UAS Europe recently went to UAE, to train our customer, Elite Agro LLC, on how to operate the Agri Owl 200 system with the Sequoia sensor. It was a two day course that took place at the Elite Agro farm outside of Abu Dhabi, UAE. The outside temperature was over 45 degrees Celsius and the UAV performed well despite the hot weather conditions.

We practiced preflight preparations, launching and landing the aircraft, as well as planning and executing map/search regions using the Sequioa sensor. The attendees passed the training with good results and they gained enough confidence to perform flights on their own after the training. 

The customer is using a Agri Owl 200 equipped with Sequioa sensor and can take multispectral images as well as well as 16 mega pixel RBG images.

UAS Europes Operator training program is based on a combination of theory and practice developed trough years of experience training UAV Operators. The training starts in the classroom where we learn how to navigate the GCS Software and the autopilot interface and we continue with training in our simulator. We then start looking at how to handle the aircraft in terms of how to prepare for the equipment before flight, how to assemble and disassemble the aircraft and so on. After that we move outdoors to perform the real flight training.



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