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NATO STANAG 4586 Compliant

EasyPilot 3.0

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Easy to use autopilot

EasyPilot Firmware 3.4 Released

UAS Europe AB is proud to announce that we have release a new firmware version 3.4 for our miniature autopilot EasyPilot 3.0.

Some of the new features include:

  • Go to mission automatically from launch
  • Go to landing automatically from mission
  • Emergency landing on communication lost
  • Continue mission even if tracked waypoint is updated
  • Current consumption monitoring
  • Better visualization of emergency actions and modes
  • AHRS MPU settings improvements
  • Simulate communication lost in HILS
  • Support 3-channel video switch
  • Check GPS module and perform correct initialization
  • See What´s New and release notes for full list of features and bug fixes

Further information can be found under product menu.


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